Without A Reason Why. . .
Gayatri | 18 | Taken by my cat <3

Progress scan of some experimental wiz biz.  I’ve never attached values to the lettering before, so I dug out an old master copy from my Life Drawing class.  Gotsta’ scans it now, cuz bliz aboot to get reeeeeeel gritty.

why not?

(by EllasMom2011)

Welcome to Reclaim the Bindi Week! This is a campaign to help us brown people reclaim our culture by overrunning tumblr with our fabulous selves embracing it.
What is Our Goal?

To reclaim our culture from appropriators by flooding the bindi tag with selfies, pictures, anecdotes, stories, art, ANYTHING reclaiming the bindi and our culture 

When is this happening?

October 19th through October 25th (with hopefully a HUGE amount of participation on Diwali, the 23rd)

What should you do?

Reblog this post to spread the word
From October 19th-25th:
Post selfies with you wearing a bindi, art, stories, ANYTHING reclaiming our culture with the tags #bindi and #reclaimthebindiweek so that we all can see them 
Follow the reclaimthebindi blog 
Submit your selfies and such to the reclaimthebindi blog so even more people can see them 

And that’s it - so let’s get to reclaiming what is rightfully ours! 

Kotappakonda Temple - Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Kotappakonda Temple, also known as Sri Trikoteswara Swami Temple, is located in the top of the Trikoota Hills in Kotappakonda village. 
(via NOFEAR PRABA 2009)
We have to love nature, then nature will love us.
A Swāmi saying. (via graveofthe-80s)


I almost forgot to post today’s inktober

This is one of the most ridiculously cute looking pics of Zatanna EVER
Look at this magical cutie right here &lt;3_&lt;3

Fuck yeah drugs and tv shows ☣